About Us

Human Resources are the most important and unpredictable component of any business’ success. With years of experience and expertise to handle staffing

requests - ranging from the simple to complex, Quotum is your one stop shop for premier IT Staffing solutions, supported by experienced professionals, and training to candidates to help them excel. 

How we work

Every business is as strong as it’s most strategic and variable factor - its people. While dealing with such a vibrant and key resource, our management team understands the requirement to be adaptive and fluid based on each individual requirement.

Our proprietary Seven step process of recruiting aims at delivering the best results by incorporating our learnings from each experience.


7 Steps to Recruiting Excellence 

- Continuous tracking of market trends

- Updated resource pool

- Understand client requirements

- Allocate a single point of contact

- Shortlist candidates and selection process

- Conduct satisfaction survey with clients and candidates

- Continuous feedback implementation for better service

Constant improvement is the key to our success. You can rest assured we thrive on being vibrant and adaptive for each and every requirement.

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