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Whether you’ve just started your own business, or have been in the market for years - taking care of your IT needs can be complicated and exhausting. At Quotum, we offer a blend of technical expertise and premier IT staffing solutions supported by experienced professionals and training of candidates to help them excel. 

Our team of experts have been engaged in the recruitment industry for the past decade and we bring a wealth of information and understanding of how the process can be refined for both candidates and recruiters. 

With employers, we work as an extension of your HR department and offer a consultative approach that gets the job done at a low cost with a high return in exchange. 

With candidates, we listen to your career goals and work with you to improve your technical expertise and then match you with the best offers for your talent.

So why wait, contact us for a fresh approach to recruiting!


Recruiter Insights

The life blood of every organization is it's people. Finding the top talent is all about understanding the competition and staying updated on current compensation and trends in corporate culture. Quotum's team of staffing experts offer you a wide range of insights to help you create the best environment for talent to grow in your organization

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Candidate Insights

Change is a constant feature in today's highly technical work place. Our team of experts have compiled resources to help you stay updated on the latest trends in recruiting, the job market and work culture. 



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Top 10 technology skills to know in 2020

Gartner says, "By 2022, 70% of enterprises will be experimenting with immersive technologies for consumer and enterprise use, and 25% will have deployed them to production." Here are Quotum Technology’s Top 10 technology skills to know to snag the top IT jobs in 2020 with links on where you can learn more about them


Is it time to update your Office Dress Code policy?

Recent studies not only revealed casual dress appears to be the new norm in most workplaces, but a third of respondents are completely resistant to formal workwear altogether.


10 Tough interview questions you must prepare for

9 times out of 10 people fail at interviews because they are not prepared. Taking the time off to get yourself ready for 10 of the most common interview questions, will help you ace your interview!


Your cheat sheet to ace an interview

When it comes to personal interviews, most recruiters mention that people are not quite as perfect in person as they are on paper. Nine times out of ten the main reason is that they just don’t prepare for it. Quotum’s recruiting team has some quick tips on how you can get comfortable before your next interview and impress them with how you are a great fit for the job.


Top 5 sought after skillsets for any job

Every industry has its own set of unique requirements in terms of an ideal skillset a candidate should possess. However, there are certain key skills that are valued by every employer across the board.


5 steps to make your resume shine

First impressions are critical when you are job hunting. While you spend a lot of time in perfecting your tone, body language and appearance, don't forget about the most vital part of your profile- Your resume. Read on for 5 quick tips to make your resume shine.


Quick guide to finding a job you will love

A career change is a serious decision to take. We have a quick guide to help you re-evaluate your passion and interest and get you excited about your real passion in life!


Salesforce 101

Have you considered a career path in Salesforce and its wide range of verticals it is used in? Look no further, Quotum Technology offers a brief refresher on Salesforce and the advantages of working with a Customer relationship management (CRM) system. Read on for more to help you make an informed career choice


Must know SharePoint Interview questions and answers

This is the first in Quotum Technology's series aimed at helping you be prepared to take on that big interview. Here is your 10-question guide to shine in your SharePoint developer interview


Tips to reduce employee turnover for better revenue

Our team at Quotum Technologies has worked with several companies to address the issue of employee turnover and have the following recommendations. 


10 Qualities that define a successful recruiter

 Recruiting is all about personal interaction. While there are several good recruiters, there are key characteristics that separate a good recruiter from a successful one. This is the top 10 Quotum countdown of must haves for becoming a successful recruiter.


Striking when it's hot with cold calls

One of the advantages of social media is the ease with which recruiters can now connect with potential candidates.

However, one of the key factors that drive recruitment is still cold calling. Every recruiter should practice their calling skills to make that first impression a lasting one.

Quotum has some pointers that can help you strike it hot with cold calls.


Dealing with millennials at the workplace

The term ‘Millennials’ refers to the employees born between 1980 and 2000. Unlike the Baby Boomers and the Gen- Xer’s the Millennials have a different work ethic that has been defined by their growing years spent in a nuclear family, structured lifestyle and diverse friend circle.

In order to provide a vibrant atmosphere for them to grow and become a part of the corporate family, Quotum's team of recruiters suggest some ways in which you can ease the process.


Recharge your employee communication process

Read on for a few handy tips from Quotum's expert recruiting team on how to recharge your internal employee communication processes.


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