5 steps to make your resume shine

The job market can be a scary place for both freshers as well as the highly experienced. This problem has increased over time due to a large number of talented individuals applying for a limited number of positions.

The trickiest part of any job application is to be able to stand out amongst the crowd. As a candidate, it is critical to make a lasting impression on the recruiter who scours through hundreds and thousands of resumes to shortlist candidates for the next round of interviews.

Another problem to contend with is the increased use of resume scanning software that analyzes resumes based on skillsets defined for a particular role.

But fear not, here is some advice from the Quotum Technologies team to help you shine a light on your talent.


Think Sleek

Be a breath of fresh air with clean aesthetics. A cluttered page with too much information tends to get no more than a brief glance. Stick to a clean layout with short bullet points that give the recruiter basic information and can lead to a detailed discussion going forward. Avoid too many bright colors or background images that can distract from the main text. There are several templates from Microsoft Office that you can explore here. Take the time off to do some research online and find a format that reflects your personal style best.


A smart way to draw attention to your strengths is by highlighting your achievements in 2-4 sentences. We are all aware that the recruiter has to look through hundreds of resumes daily while shortlisting candidates for a position. This is where bullet points and short descriptions of responsibilities handled can make their job easier and get you noticed faster.


Pay attention to grammar while drafting your past experience. Don’t forget to use the past tense while describing earlier roles. Be consistent in your format throughout. That will be a definite plus point in your favor. List your experience in reverse chronological order with the current/earliest job role held first on the list.


Give examples of your accomplishments at work rather than vague descriptions of tasks handled. Descriptions like - 'achieved 35% improvement in turnaround time improving the overall efficiency of operations', will sound more impressive than 'was a team player who met deadlines outlined by the management.'

Keep it brief

The key to drawing attention to your resume is by having all the key information in smart headlines and bullet points. It enables quick information gathering and screening for the recruiter. Try to stick to a single page if possible. In case you have more than 10 years of experience, 2 pages would be ideal.

Finally, keep in mind that your resume is your first impression. So spend some time polishing up the look that will define you in your professional career.

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