#Alonetogether- 10 tips to stay productive from your home office

These have been a confusing past few weeks. The early news reports about the passengers on the Diamond Princess cruise ship affected by Covid-19 and their struggle to get treatment gave us no indication of how the virus would spread so rapidly as to stop the whole world dead in its tracks. 

It was a difficult but timely decision that our management took to move to a remote work environment and the IT team stepped in to make it happen in record time. Over the past few weeks, people are slowly adapting to the ‘new normal’ as we wait to see what the future holds for all of us in this bizarre sci-fi reel to a real-life movie.

Social media and news channels have been full of tips and posts helping people learn how to adjust to this routine and still stay motivated and productive. Here are some ways in which Team Quotum is staying productive and motivated #Alonetogether.

1.      Dress up

It might seem tempting to stay in your pajamas all day when you are at home. However, studies have shown that taking the effort to get out of bed and getting dressed as you would on any normal workday, helps you get mentally focused on the work ahead.

2.      Head out to the office

The next step is of course that you head out to work as you normally do. Well, in this case it might be to your dining table or on your couch turned office in your room. It is important to create a workspace that can be designated as your office area. There have been several creative solutions to the space crunch online. But by setting aside a space to just work in, it helps create an atmosphere of productivity.

3.      Stick to normal office hours

Working from home has its set of perks- you beat the traffic and the time you would have spent stuck in rush hour traffic. But remember to set aside some me-time as well. Try and stick to office working hours so that you don’t feel stressed out or exhausted from overwork.

4.      Build the pressure with personal deadlines

Personally, I find that setting deadlines helps me stay responsible and productive. We all have days where it is hard to be productive. At times like that having a clear-cut deadline on when activities should be completed helps you stay on your toes. Set milestones for tasks will also help build the pressure for those of you who can’t work in a relaxed, free-for-all style.

5.      Schedule facetime

Most humans are social animals and perform best when they are in touch with each other. Staying connected with our team members be it through Slack or the daily morning Teams meetup is another way to stay in touch and boost morale. Knowing that your co-workers have your back and are also struggling through the same connectivity/productivity issues will lead to closer bonds as co-workers.

6.      Try the pomodoro technique

The Pomodoro technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. The technique uses a timer to break down work into intervals, traditionally 25 minutes in length, separated by short breaks. With this easy and effective method, it is possible to work through short bursts of energy and enjoy a reward once the task is completed.

7.      Reward yourself with treats

As mentioned in the earlier step, set aside some time to reward yourself once a task is completed. Put your feet up and treat yourself to a cup of coffee or check in with your friends. It allows you to relax and get back to work refreshed.

8.      Work out to stay fit- physically and mentally

Sitting in a single position all day can be physically and mentally draining. Take a few minutes off to take a walk around the house or grab a glass of water from the kitchen in your break. Some people also swear by the effectiveness of short workouts during these breaks. More often than not, these workout breaks tend to increase productivity rather than tire you out.

9.      Turn off all distractions

It is easy to lose track of the work at hand and before you know it, you have spent a lot of time scrolling through updates in your social media channels. Avoid these distractions by turning off updates on your Facebook or Twitter and stay focused on the task at hand.

10.  Unleash your creative side/rediscover your hobby

Lastly, take some time off in the day to rediscover your hobby or explore your creative side. It could be those doodles you were so good at when you were in university or perhaps you have a penchant for cooking. Treat yourself in your time off to indulge and work with what helps you unwind.

This crisis like all the others before will soon pass and will soon be just a bad memory. Finding ways that help you stay focused and positive in the present will reward you in the long run. Stay healthy and let’s work to defeat this problem. Together we can!

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