How to manage your mental balance through the Covid-19 pandemic

Pandemics and disasters could affect the health and emotional well-being of individuals as well as communities that are affected by the economic fallout of the disaster. All these insecurities and uncertainties could result in a wide range of emotional effects on the people involved.

As the results of the Covid-19 research come in, there are constant changes in the way people are working their way through the crisis. Studies show that in the past few months- the stay-at-home directives, quarantine measures, and other isolation guidelines have resulted in emotional stresses as well as depression, boredom, anger, frustration, and confusion regarding the right methods to deal with the infection.

Making sure you stay emotionally grounded is therefore more critical than ever. The CDC has also shared some guidelines on how you can navigate these difficult times.  Here are Quotum Technology team members top tips on how they are working to achieve this balance:

-         Stay informed on treatment and quarantine procedures if you or a family member is infected with Covid19

-         Schedule time off from checking in regularly on news stories related to the pandemic on social media

-         Work with your family members/friends to create a relaxation plan every day or weekend

-         Check-in with close friends either through online video calls or social media to help unwind

-         Take advantage of online games/get-togethers as a way of having fun and relieving the stress

-         Practice mediation or deep breathing

-         Include regular exercise and plenty of sleep in your daily routine

-         Plan healthy meals to ensure that your body stays active and fit

-         Avoid increased consumption of alcohol or tobacco products

-         For those dealing with depression, stay connected with your support group, doctor, counselor to deal with the stress

Following health experts’ recommendations and taking some simple common-sense precautions can help you get through these uncertain times as well. If you are looking to change your job at this time, connect with the Quotum Technology team of experts to help you navigate the process during the Covid-19 pandemic.

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