Make your LinkedIn profile work for you

Being connected to the community has taken a whole new level of importance in the current pandemic scenario.

With the world slowly negotiating its way back to a protocol to achieving safe social interactions, most job hunts and interviews are happening online. This is a great time then to look over your online profile and spruce it up to reflect your talents to the optimal advantage.

Our recruiting team at Quotum Technologies has scoured through several best practices shared by LinkedIn and other best industry practices and selected their top 9 must-haves on your LinkedIn profile.

 1.      Pick a recent photo of you

Your LinkedIn profile picture is what people would use to connect with you. They should be able to identify you in person when they meet you. hence you need a profile image that is up to date and reflects how you look daily.

2.      Choose a high-resolution picture

The ideal recommended size for a LinkedIn profile is 400x400 pixels but keep in mind that 8MB is the maximum size. Low-resolution images would appear blurry and you should try to avoid them.

3.      Ensure 60% focus on your face

An ideal picture should have 60% of your face in the frame. You should try and avoid photos taken from a distance where the focus would be on the surroundings and not on you.

4.      Take a solo picture

The problem with group photos is that it would be hard for people to identify you in the group. In case you do want to use a group picture, you can set that as your background image.

5.      Try to avoid selfies

Selfie photos on most phones do not produce a high-quality image due to problems with light settings and angles etc. Asking someone to take your photo will free you to take up a natural pose and look professional. Choose a soft, natural light setting for best effects.

6.      Avoid distracting backgrounds

A simple background will help focus on your face and not draw attention away from you. Choose a background that will help you become the center of the frame. You could also use tools like compression tools such as Trimage for Windows or ImageOptim for Mac to fix blurry or pixelated images.

Background photos must be:

File type JPG, GIF or PNG.

No larger than 8MB.

Recommended pixel dimensions are 1584 (w) x 396 (h) pixels.

7.      Use your headline to your advantage

This is the first thing that visitors will read about you. SO, make it count. Re-write it to promote your special expertise or highlight your winning personality. Check out this post about winning profiles for an idea of what works best.

8.      Working with the summary section

 The About section of your profile can be used to share details about your motivations and skills. However, take care to keep this section limited to a maximum of 2 paragraphs. These examples of winning profiles can motivate you to make this your own.

9.   Update your work and get recommendations

This is also the perfect way in which to share your work portfolio to your advantage. Any additional skills earned should also be shared here and do not forget to get your connections to endorse them for additional weightage. You can use the recommendations from colleagues to act as your references for recruiters and colleagues.

Hopefully, these tips will help you polish your LinkedIn profile and create the right impression for recruiters and companies you are looking to be a part of.

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