Quick guide to finding a job you will love

Do you find yourself suddenly depressed Sunday nights when you realize the workweek is looming large on the horizon?

Why do you feel unhappy at work? That is a tough question to answer. For professionals like doctors or architects who have spent years perfecting their knowledge to pursue a career – a question like that can bring in a lot of self-doubt on what went wrong along the way. With it also comes the fear of accepting that he/she has been working hard towards a goal that they no longer feel drawn to.

Is there no hope?

Of course, a career change is a serious decision to take. It should not be taken lightly. Reports published by Gallup show that a large percentage of people are not engaged with their work. It is easy to feel discouraged by these negative reports. However, Quotum's team of recruiters has put together a quick guide to help you re-evaluate your passion and interest and get you excited about your real passion in life!

Step 1: Look inside

Most of the time, our true passion remains constant over the years. Think back on what made you happy as a child. Identify what you really liked to do before you realized you needed a career to make money. Was it writing? Tinkering with machines or programs? Cooking? Traveling?

Getting back in touch with yourself is the first step.

Step 2: If it weren’t about the money

Talk to your friends to get a second opinion on what works to make you happy. More often than not, an outside perspective helps clear your thoughts.

Step 3: Identify training/certification that might help

If you feel writing is your passion, go in deeper and identify what you would need to make it a career. Do you need some training or certification to make you better? Would it help if you tried freelancing to understand ways to improve yourself?

Step 4: Reach out to the professionals

Once you have identified what you love, reach out to professionals for help in understanding the next steps. This could be either career counselors or social media where you can read blogs or forums to understand the challenges and must-have skills to get started.

Step 5: Reach for the stars

Once you have all the background information in place, go for it. If you have something you are passionate about, you will work hard to make it work. Trust in yourself and reach for the stars. You will never know if you will succeed until you take the first step.

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