Salesforce 101

What is a CRM System

A content relationship management (CRM) system is a solution that brings customers and companies together on a single platform. It enables all the teams- marketing, sales, finance, service access a single view of the customer. This allows them to give a streamlined response to the customer’s needs/questions as they all have access to the current status of the requirement.

 The top 10 CRM Software leaders

While there are several CRM providers in the market, PCMag reviewed the top 10 providers recently, and here is their list. You can learn more about them through the links to each of these providers below. 

Advantages of a CRM system

The key to developing an effective sales strategy in today’s modern world is to stay connected to your customer. Building that personal relationship with your customer is what will help an organization stay successful. The process does not end with just collecting client contact information. It is also important to use that data to make sure all the teams are on the same page.

  • The sales team can use the insights to target the right customers with the data they are looking for.
  • The sales strategy can be crafted keeping in mind the customers’ specific needs and customers.
  • With personalized marketing campaigns, it is possible to craft specific journeys for each customer based on their needs.
  • Shopping experiences no longer must be stressful for the customer. They can choose to interact on their preferred device or mode of shopping as well as pick a time most convenient for them.
  • Customer service agents have access to the client’s entire purchase history and can, therefore, work with them on real-time issues – more accurately and offer a faster resolution to problems.
  • The overall increase in customer satisfaction will, in turn, lead to an increase in sales through referrals from satisfied customers and a growth in business.

Salesforce CRM solutions

Trusted by 150,000 small and large businesses, Salesforce offers an integrated CRM platform that offers a unique 360 view of the customer called Salesforce Customer 360.

Powered by the analytical abilities of Salesforce Einstein AI, this offers a complete sales and marketing cycle that benefits from real-time information and updates on the buyer’s journey. 




Salesforce solutions for industry

Salesforce offers solutions for a wide range of industries from Financial to Healthcare. The need to access customer information in real-time improves production, marketing, sales, and after-sales activities. You can access more information on solutions in each industry like:



Healthcare & Life sciences



Consumer goods





Transport & Hospitality


Wealth management


Improve your skills with the Salesforce Community

The Salesforce CRM community made up of over 10 million innovators form the formidable Trailblazers Community. The Trailblazers also keep the community alive with local meetups arranged in cities worldwide where users can come together to learn and improve their skills. Salesforce makes it easy for anyone who is interested to learn about their system and upgrade their skills through their free online learning tracks- Trailheads. With easy to follow lesson plans and the ability to earn certifications through online exams, it is possible to learn and improve career prospects.


With all these resources, you can start your journey on learning more about Salesforce and how it is set to change the way technology interacts with the business. As always, do not hesitate to contact our expert team of technical recruiters and trainers if you need any help or clarifications to chart your road to success.

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