Top 5 sought after skillsets for any job

Every industry has its own set of unique requirements in terms of an ideal skillset a candidate should possess.

However, there are certain key skills that are valued by every employer across the board. Here are the top sought after skillsets based on Quotum Technology's team of recruiters' experience over the years.  

Top 5 sought after skillsets

 1. Organizational skills

  • Ability to work with deadlines
  • Can delegate responsibilities
  • Is able to meet defined goals and targets
  • Efficiently deal with multiple appointments
  • Flexible to handle any unforeseen events

2. Communication skills

  • Be a good listener
  • Can handle non-verbal communication
  • Is clear and concise
  • Shows confidence in interactions
  • Is friendly and empathetic
  • Displays respect and open-mindedness to colleagues and clients

 3. Leadership skills

  • Accepts feedback positively
  • Shows responsibility in actions
  • Can be flexible
  • Is committed to performing to the best of abilities
  • Adept at planning and execution

 4. Technical skills

  • Can confidently conduct independent presentations
  • Is efficient in Office 365 applications (word, excel, etc.)
  • Has a basic understanding of networks
  • Can understand and interpret large amounts of data

 5. Personality skills

  • Can deal with critical issues and is resilient
  • Works as a team player
  • Is trustworthy and patient


It is also important to look through the job description and identify the skills that are needed.

Draw attention to these skills in your resume by identifying them with examples as part of your work experience.

Spend a little time researching people who are currently working in the position you are interested in. You can modify your skillset based on those findings.

It just takes a little time and effort to draft a resume that reflects your strengths and match it with what they are looking for.

Shine on!


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