Your cheat sheet to ace an interview

When it comes to personal interviews, most recruiters mention that people are not quite as perfect in person as they are on paper. Nine times out of ten the main reason is that they just don’t prepare for it.

Quotum Technology’s recruiting team has some quick tips on how you can get comfortable before your next interview and impress them with how you are a great fit for the job.

1. Research the company

Spend some time researching the company you are applying for. It shows that you are a motivated person and are serious about being a part of the team. Get acquainted with their social media postings. Contribute to the conversation if you find similar interests or team building activities (e.g. inhouse- soccer team competitions, etc.).

You can also use any tweets or posts about events, product launches as a conversation starter when you meet the interviewers.

Get to know the person who will be interviewing you through the corporate employee portal or LinkedIn. It will go a long way in easing the nervousness you might feel in meeting a new person. You can also get a quick insight into their thoughts about the company’s goals and tasks that you might have to handle once you are on board.

2. Ask your interviewer questions

With all of that research, you would have a long list of questions you can ask the interviewer. Include them as part of the discussion to make it sound natural rather than at the end of the conversation. That will make it more engaging and easier to handle the interview flow.

3. Identify your weakness

It’s a question that is a part of every interview. Knowing that it is surprising how often people are never prepared for this question. Take the time off to jot down a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Work with your weakness and jot down ways in which you deal with it. Examples of how you have not let it affect your work is a good way to deal with the question.

4. Describe your hobbies

Hobbies define a person. Talk about the ones that bring your personality to the forefront. Share details of how you have grown over the years with the hobby and how it has helped mold your personality.

5. Work on your body language

Appearances at an interview do matter. This is all about first impressions, so it’s important to present a clean, professional look. Your body language is a mine of information for someone who knows how to read it. Practice before a mirror to identify any nervous ticks that might come across as annoying or distracting.

With a little preparation, it’s easy to put your best foot forward in an interview.

May the force be with you!


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