10 Qualities that define a successful recruiter

  Recruiting is all about personal interaction. While there are several good recruiters, there are key characteristics that separate a good recruiter from a successful one. This is the top 10 Quotum countdown of must haves for becoming a successful recruiter.

  1. I am listening

The common perception of a recruiter is that he/she must be a good salesman. A fast talker who can convince you to take up a particular position or even convince a client of the company’s ability to meet their specific requirements. However, that is not necessarily true. Every good recruiter talks to candidates and clients about their goals and targets. But a successful recruiter actually listens to the answers. Understanding where the person is coming from and actively asking questions to get a clear picture of the goals they are trying to achieve is the key defining quality.

  1. Confidence

Most people mistake confidence for arrogance. It is important to know all the facts regarding the position you are recruiting for. Do your market research and find out what other companies are offering for a similar profile. Knowing your project like the back of the hand will fill you with the confidence you need to make a lasting impression.

  1. Approachable

We cannot stress enough on the importance of being people friendly as a recruiter. The key requirement for a successful recruiter is the ability to interact with people and create an atmosphere of trust and comfort.

  1. Building relations

Recruiting is a people driven business. Hence you need to have the drive and desire to connect with people and build effective relationships. A successful recruiter is one who can understand people and what drives them and in turn how they relate to you as a person. Anyone looking to change a job would have to share personal information with the recruiter to make the search and final placement a success. If the candidate is comfortable with you, he/she will be more likely to share facts that would help you get them placed in a position that works for both of you.


  1. Flexible

Every person is different and the communication style has to be adapted accordingly. As a recruiter you have to learn to adapt to the new technologies, candidate’s expectations as well as client requirements. Rigid thinking and work style will hamper your success.

  1. Multi-tasking

Every job requires a level of multi-tasking to be successful. Recruiting is no different. You need to be able to deal with multiple clients and candidates and keep track of updates to be efficient. Keeping all the details in mind to make sure there are no missed opportunities is a juggling act that a successful recruiter has to be skilled at.

  1. Time management skills

As mentioned above, multi- tasking goes hand in hand with time management skills. All projects are time-bound and have clear deadlines that need to be met. Keeping the details clear and handy to work with any last minute changes are critical to the success of the project.

  1. Patience

With so much work dependent on people, there are bound to be cancellations and changes to interview schedules or other requirements. At such times, being patient and flexible might be the only way to preserve your sanity and stay focused.

  1. Social media skills

Networking has now moved in the realm of social media connectivity. You have to be well-versed with the hows and whys and what’s of all the relevant options in order to stay connected and current in today’s e-information age.

  1. Self-improvement

Don’t rely on performance review meetings with the management to find what you could be doing different or better. It is quite easy be proactive and find track metrics that work for your style of work online. Else lay down your own criteria for your position e.g. time taken to fill a requirement, candidate connection, client satisfaction, points to refine for the future etc. Such small introspective thinking will definitely reap rich rewards as you grow into your role in the future.


To summarize, being a successful recruiter is not that hard. Once you have a game plan for the future, these small tips will definitely help you be the best in your game.

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