Dealing with millennials at the workplace

The term ‘Millennials’ refers to the employees born between 1980 and 2000. Unlike the Baby Boomers and the Gen- Xer’s the Millennials have a different work ethic that has been defined by their growing years spent in a nuclear family, structured lifestyle and diverse friend circle.

In order to provide a vibrant atmosphere for them to grow and become a part of the corporate family, Quotum recommends some ways in which you can ease the process.

1. Teamwork makes the difference

Millennials excel in team activities. They are comfortable working with diverse co-workers. They have enjoyed their childhood and teen years being influenced by a diverse group of people and lifestyles. So, they do very well in team activities and achieve better results.

2. Think positive

We are all aware of the difference in attitudes between Gen X and Gen Y workforce. To recap, Gen X refers to people born in the 60s and 70s while Gen Y refers to those born in the 80s and 90s.  Gen Y children grew up with the backdrop of 9/11 and the aftermath when people got together as a community and respected differences. They have a very positive attitude towards feedback and welcome constructive criticism to help them perform better.

3. Work towards a target

Ensure that there are specific timelines to meet and targets to achieve. This will help them focus their efforts on achieving a goal. They are multi-taskers and work well when they need to balance several deadlines and projects simultaneously. Challenges and specific boundaries also work towards ensuring that the organizational goals are in line with individual tasks. Further, having a clear idea of their growth chart over the next few months or a year helps them plan ahead and aim for the future.

4. Catch up regularly

Team meetings are the perfect way to connect with the employees and get an idea of any bottlenecks/problems they have in achieving the set goals. This is also the perfect platform to exchange new ideas and brainstorm on ways in which they can perform better.

5. Exchange ideas

While they respect their senior co-workers, they need to feel appreciated for their ideas and respected for their efforts. They also want to learn from their peers. So take the time off to mentor them and coach them on ways in which they can improve or learn more. Time invested in this manner will reap benefits going forward.

6. Work-life balance

They have a healthy respect for maintaining a work-life balance. It is critical to ensure that they have the time to support their personal causes, enjoy family time and at the same time connect with their team members through socially engaging activities. As multi-taskers, they take pride in juggling a lot of balls at the same time and getting it all right.

 7. Get Social

Social networking is key to their engagement levels at work. Team building activities, as well as a vibrant social media presence, will ensure that they stay focused on achieving company goals. It is also a great idea to use their social networking skills to promote company activities as well as for future recruitment.

While these tips are created keeping the general millennial population in mind, keep in mind that there are exceptions to every rule. However, working with these general guidelines will ensure a vibrant workplace that everyone would love coming back every day and giving it their best.


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