Striking when it's hot with cold calls

One of the advantages of social media is the ease with which recruiters can now connect with potential candidates.

However, one of the key factors that drive recruitment is still cold calling. Every recruiter should practice their calling skills to make that first impression a lasting one.

Quotum's team of recruiters have some pointers that can help you strike it hot with cold calls.

1. Prepare your opening pitch

It is important to be courteous at all times. You must set a professional tone to the call and keep it short. Remember to speak clearly and don’t be pushy. Set a follow-up time and method of communication that will work best for both of you.

This way you can establish a professional touch with gives it more credibility. In addition, speaking in clear and simple language helps engage their attention better.

Another way to cash in on these calls is to record them and review them for pitch modification and future training

2. Gauge their reaction

Always do your homework before you call potential candidates. A quick look through their LinkedIn profile or resume posted on job portals will give you a fair idea if their job objectives are in line with what you are offering. Other cues like- if they listen to your pitch enthusiastically, or sound distracted during the conversation are a good indicator of what they are thinking.

3. Know your secret sauce

As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to do your homework and understand what drives the candidate. Identify key goals he would like to achieve and explain how your offer can help him achieve those objectives. Check out similar jobs in the market so that you are prepared for any questions that might come your way.

  • 4. Leverage their network

Never ignore the power of referrals. The simple question at the end of the conversation will help you build a rich database that you can leverage in the future. Regularly updating and staying in touch with your applicant database can give you rich dividends in the future.

After all, staying connected is the key to being a good recruiter.

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