Why Quotum is the right fit for employees?

We offer attractive benefits package that includes health, disability insurance and holiday pay as well. Your personal recruiter will provide you more information during the process.

Attractive compensation packages
We are constantly monitoring the market and evaluating the most relevant payscale to match your expertise and job location. Rest assured that our compensation packages are at par with the industry rates.


Zero registration fees
We do not charge any registration fees to enroll in our candidate pool.

Training Modules
We have several training resources to help our candidates enhance their technical skills as well as polish their interviewing techniques to make the best impression in the job market.


The Quotum Circle of Trust with our Clients and Partners

We understand your needs 
Our experienced team of staffing specialists work with you as a part of your team. We understand your processes and work together to define your staffing needs. Our goal is to help you identify your next team member keeping your budget and time frame in mind.

In-depth understanding of current trends
Our team is constantly monitoring current market trends and is in tune with major changes that could affect your work. Which is why our industry specialized recruiters make your hiring experience special. With our expertise we are adept at finding the candidates who will blend into your work style.

Quick and efficient results
You are best equipped to make your business a success. We take up the time consuming task of screening candidates to help you find the right fit. Let us handle the paper-work involved in on-boarding a new employee while you concentrate on your special blend of magic.

Database of candidates 
We stay in touch with the local developer communities through regular meet-ups and conferences. Our training team also works with the candidates to get their skills updated to reflect the latest technologies in the market. With a keen understanding on the pulse of the market, we ensure that our database is constantly updated to allow for a quicker screening and selection process based on each requirement.

Central location
We are based in Atlanta, Georgia. Here in the heart of the IT industry hub for the South, we are in the position to identify talent and groom them for positions nation-wide. 

How to get started with Quotum

Our team of hiring managers will spend time with you to understand your specific needs and to make sure that your search request can be completed accurately in the shortest time frame possible. Key points to be clarified:

⦁ Organization culture : Hiring Managers are your first point of contact for any assignment. They will work with you to understand your corporate work culture i.e. dress code, holidays, hours of operation, overtime and other employee policies to ensure that the right information is passed on to the potential candidates.

⦁ Role description: This refers to the specifics of your requirement: time frame (permanent or temporary), skillsets critical to the position and any other requirements that are a must for the job.

⦁ Goals of project: Share details of the project you are hiring for i.e. number of people, time frame, scope and skills. All of these details will ensure effective leads within the time required. 

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