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Whether you’ve just started your own business, or have been in the market for years - taking care of your IT needs can be complicated and exhausting. At Quotum, we believe that your IT requirements should be supported by experienced professionals, and offer a variety of services to cater to your organization’s needs. Call us today to find out more.
Who We Are?

Efficient. Secure. Reliable

Quotum provides organizations of all sizes with the best, most trustworthy IT solutions. In the ever-evolving technology market, we believed that companies need reliable allies who can guide them through the challenges that accompany technological growth. We provide Office 365, Cloud Enablement, Amazon Web Services (AWS) - to name a few. Get in touch with us to take your business to the next level.
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What Can We Do ?

  • OFFICE 365
    Work anytime, anywhere
    Work anytime, anywhere
    Be a part of the future
  • Office 365 helps you stay mobile, connected and competitive

    Office 365 is your complete office in the cloud. It is a very simple and cost- effective solution for all cloud services as well as ability to use the regular new features available in Desktop Office 2016.

    With the help of Office 365, you can stay connected with your employees and customers at all times. You can also ensure that your customers stay connected to you at all times.

    Your business is truly in the cloud and global in every sense of the word.

    Office 365 also gives you enterprise grade data protection that will give you the peace of mind as well as ease of access at anytime, anywhere.

    • Stay connected

      With Office 365, you can modernize your business and enhance your productivity. Your employees and customers can stay connected at all times. Improve your creativity and make sure the right people are connected to information that will help your business stay current and modern. You can truly enjoy the power of doing business anytime, anywhere.

    • Customer contact

      Your customers will appreciate the option of being connected to you whenever they need to. With a highly professional web presence, you can make an impression when it matters the most. Sharing of documents and data is easy with Office 365 and business class email keeps you connected at all times. Online meetings can connect your employees and customers work without time and regional borders making your business truly global.

    • Improve your impact

      It is easy to prioritize your work with Office 365. You can enjoy peace of mind with streamlined enterprise grade data protection solutions. Be assured that your files are securely backed up and you can access them anytime, anywhere.

    • Grow with the future

      With Office 365, you can stay current with latest business practices and have the competitive edge in your business. Cloud based solutions offer the flexibility you need. You can get the most out of your technology investment, have low short-term costs and make sure that your business is ready for the future.

  • Improve your performance with cloud services tailored to your needs

    Cloud services are an essential business need today. Enterprises are in a position to lower their costs, earn higher profits, perform more efficiently and support new technological developments without heavy investments.

    With the help of our team of experts you can plan, build and get customized solutions for your specific cloud requirements.

    We will help you analyze your exisiting system and develop a roadmap that will identify your needs and requirements. The key focus is always reliability and solutions that can cater to your needs as your business expands.

    With a systematic and phased migration plan, you don’t lose any critical working hours and will gain from an enhanced system geared for the future.

    • Analyse your systems and build a roadmap

      Our team of experts work with you to understand your organization’s existing practices. We then help you analyse your existing system and readiness and give you roadmap with recommendations based on industry best practices. With proven techniques, resources and our skilled team of engineers, you can get your cloud services up and running in a short time.

    • Change your existing system and migrate data

      The next step involves keeping your management and team members involved in the process. We ensure that your existing system and data migration are handled smoothly and efficiently. Our aim is to make sure that all the right preparations have been made for a seamless transfer.We work with your IT team to help you handle the new system and deal with any issues that might arise during the integration process.Quotum believes in using our expertise to help you operate with a highly efficient, scalable and cost effective Cloud Solution. Let us be a part of your transformation.

  • AWS offer cloud web hosting solutions that are flexible, highly scalable and cost effective

    It is critical for every business to be accessible and flexible for its employees as well as customers. As with any growing business, scalability of operations are a key factor in their growth.

    With Cloud computing, business operations have an easy way to access servers, affordable storage options, databases and a wide range of application services over the Internet.

    Amazon Web Services owns and maintains the network connected hardware required for these application services.

    As a result, business enterprises, non-profits as well as governmental organizations have a highly flexible, scalable and low cost solution available at their disposal to grow their business and remain competitive.

    • Migration

      Quotum will ensure a seamless and efficient migration of your existing infrastructure and system to Amazon Web Services.

    • Design Services

      Quotum can design, implement, develop and manage your AWS services to ensure that your systems are aligned to your business goals and targets. We will work with you to ensure that you have cost effective solutions that will work for you.

    • infrastructure management

      Whether you need 24/7 monitoring of your systems or are looking for automated management of your AWS infrastructure, Quotum will work with you to offer customized solutions that best suit your requirements. Our team of experienced engineers will design a solution that will meet your every expectation.

    • Security and Disaster Recovery

      At Quotum, we believe that security of your infrastructure is critical and work with you to conduct a detailed security audit of your AWS infrastructure. Quotum will plan and implement a comprehensive plan that will cover all your needs. Our detailed disaster recovery plans are designed for every eventuality to keep your data safe and your business up and running irrespective of any disasters.

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